Dalston House


Optical Illusions are always quite captivating for everyone, but as soon as you have the chance to become part of the optical illusion it becomes something special – the Dalston House. The Argentine artist, Leandro Erlich, internationally known for his sweeping three-dimensional optical illusions has been commisioned by The Barbarican.

The Dalston House resembles a movie set, featuring the façade of a late nineteenth-century Victorian terraced house. A mirrored surface is positioned on the on the ground lying life size façade, in a 45-degree angle. Visitiors apppear to be hanging of the building or sitting on window sills, by sitting, standing or lying on the horizontal surface. The audience plays an important and active role in the installtions for Erlich. By altering the viewer’s relationship with familiar spaces, he playfully disrupts our own notion of reality, creating new possibilities and situations.

All images © Leandro Erlich | Via: dezeen

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