INSTA FAVS #27: Thuglifeforevs


Our Insta Fav #27 is Emily Blincoe aka ‘thuglifeforevs’. Emily is an artist and photographer living in Austin, Texas. She enjoys taking all types of photos, as one can tell by her selection below. Her aim is not to limit or define herself with any one style or type of photography.

Usually she’s always in the middle of one series or another. Whether it be a ‘chameleon portrait’ (#chameleonportrait) or a ‘say it with scissors’ (#sayitwithscissors) and most recently, ‘this ampersand that’ (#thisampersandthat). Emily is constantly looking for new ideas and projects that are fun and challenging at the same time. For her, photography can be serious and meaningful, but it can also be kind of silly or simply a way to connect with folks who enjoy the same things you do. And that is what Instagram is for her; a large group of people who are endlessly encouraging and inspiring, who enjoy photography as much as she does. Besides exploring has become a priority for her and you might be able to catch her on one of her walks or hopping a fence in and around Austin, looking for the perfect shot.

Follow: @thuglifeforevs

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