Insta Favs #36: Caleb Babcock


Our Insta Fav #36 is Caleb Babcock, a freelance filmmaker from Seattle, WA. He has always had a love for the outdoors and being up in the mountains which is where he gets a lot of his inspiration from, as he tells us. This month he’ll get married to his fiancé Ariana.

For their honeymoon they’ll be going on a roadtrip of the West Coast so there’ll be soon even more awesome outdoor snapshots on his Instafeed. Caleb uses Instagram as a way to connect with people and see cool photos and post stuff that he likes. ‘I think there is something cool about being able to take a really good looking photo from our telephones and then edit it right on the spot. Its a neat app.’ When he’s not on his cam he likes to snowboard and play bass.

Follow: @cameracaleb

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