Appartement Spectral


With a minimalist and economical design the architects Raphaël Bétillon and Nicolas Dorval‐Bory solved a task of refurbishing a Paris appartement. Due to the lack of natural daylight and only confined space, the architects had to think outside the box. They decided to light the end of the ‘Appartement Spectral’ wit low-pressure sodium lighting (LPS) commonly found in street lightnig.

Since the light shed by the LPS is monochromatic, it makes everything indistinguishable. The colours in the seleeping and showering area are basicaly nonexistent and only appear in different shades of grey and black.
Maybe this appartement is not to everyones liking, but the ingenious use of lighting alone makes it an architectual feast, worth taking a closer look.

All images © BETILLON / DORVAL-BORY | Via: mmminimal

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