Non Program Pavilion


Located in the South of Spain, close to the Mediterranean Sea, this small pavilion is surrounded by a remarkable landscape. The concept behind the ‘Non Program Pavilion’ designed by paris-based Spanish practice Jesús Torres García Architects subscribe to Oscar Niemeyer’s approach to design and ‘How to built a natural landscape’.

Thereby the construction is defined by the relation between the form in the landscape and the contact of the structure on the field. It reaches the idea of disappearing in the landscape, being more an enlargement to nature than an intervention. The gentle curving with the wrapping large glass faced reflects the sky and surroundings, a transparent space that glows at night. The non-definition of the program has a wide range of uses, for example an exposition hall or music hall and providing environmental awareness and activities support for the wider community.

All images © Jesús Torres García | Via: designboom

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