Fantastic Frank


These beautiful rooms are part of Fantastic Frank’s Portfolio. The Swedish real estate agency is just about to open a new Berlin office, extending their successful concept over Europe. They remodeled two appartments in Berlin, one in Mitte, one in Neukölln. Their philosophy is to treat each home like a ‘sleeping beauty’.

They are working with fashion photographers, architectural stylists and of course their ‘model’, a unique home, giving it a high-end makeover. Fantastic Frank aims to add character to their homes, transforming them into a true treat for the eye. Although their makeovers are not to be called a bargain, they guarantee a sale at a much higher price. Their idea is actually quite clever: instead of creating something the majority of buyers would like they are creating something that one person is going to love. Makes sense as in the end each home can only have one owner, right?!

All images © Fantastic Frank’s

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