black light


The most obvious and curious characteristic of this collection of standing and pendant lamps is the black light-bulbs. Quite contrary to the ordinary white and yellow-tinted globes, these light bulbs have a rather dull glow that their inner mechanisms emit. Having a black bulb instead of a regular one adds a detail that makes a big difference in the interpretation of the the final product.

 Diana Dumitrescu is a young designer from Bucharest, Romania. She likes ‘to experiment the edges of what’s possible or accepted in design. I wish to shift the way that such a common object is perceived in order to gain it more attention and broaden the idea of a light fixture’. The black light bulb emits an ultraviolet radiation which is invisible to the human eye. By having the shape around the bulb fluorescent, the observable light will be the actual glow of the structure.

All images © Diana Dumitrescu

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