A Family Of Balanced Wall Mirrors

Spanish design studio Kutarq designed ‘Balance’, a set wall mirrors supported by pegs and rope that can be arranged in countless combinations. The set, which includes two rectangular and a circular mirror, comes in a kit including four different types of colored wooden pegs as well as reinforced rope, allowing the owner to hang or suspend the arrangement of mirrors however they wish. Kurtaq is led by Jordi López Aguiló, whose practice spans furniture and lighting design to interiors and architecture. “Each project is the result of a methodical process, in which material and formal research have a very important role,” Aguiló explains. For more mirrors and home living items, take a peek at our shop.

balance-mirror_kutarq studio_design_010balance-mirror_kutarq studio_design_011 balance-mirror_kutarq-studio_design_012balance-mirror_kutarq studio_design_004 balance-mirror_kutarq studio_design_005 balance-mirror_kutarq studio_design_002balance-mirror_kutarq studio_design_007 balance-mirror_kutarq studio_design_008 balance-mirror_kutarq studio_design_009balance-mirror_kutarq studio_design_003 All images © Cucadellum