Repair is Beautiful


‘Repair is Beautiful’ by Paulo Goldstein began with the idea of solving frustration. A broken object delivers frustration because it doesn’t achieve its functionality. The same principle applies to a broken system that causes things like the financial crisis. In a time of uncertainty, taking things into our own hands and having the feeling of control back can be very therapeutic.

‘Repair is Beautiful’ aims to give back this feeling of control – by scaling down a major society problem to a human size and projecting frustration upon broken objects that can be repaired through design and craftsmanship. The final outcome is a collection of intriguingly repaired objects imbued with new meaning and functionality. The once rejected objects reflect the environment that created them and call us to question our society as a whole.

All images © Paulo Goldstein | Via: Design Milk

Repair is Beautiful01Repair is Beautiful02Repair is Beautiful03Repair is Beautiful04Repair is Beautiful05Repair is Beautiful06Repair is Beautiful07Repair is Beautiful08Repair is Beautiful09
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