Nostalgia By Studio Sanna Völker

Sanna Völker

Swedish-born interior designer Sanna Völker has created ‘Nostalgia’: a set of chic candle holders that explore the senses by working both as vessels for intimate lighting, and as natural aroma diffusers.

Designed as part of ‘Perception’, an exhibition curated for Barcelona Design Week, ‘Nostalgia’ consists of two welded steel candle holders. One uses a volcanic rock with essential oil that is warmed by the heat of the candle to become a diffuser, and the other heats up a cup that you can fill with water, herbs, eucalyptus, or any other combination at your disposal, to create a gentle steam and scent. “Smell is closely linked with memory and works as a trigger for us to recall certain moments and places”, explains Völker. “With ‘Nostalgia’, fond memories will be awakened or new ones created. The combinations [of scents] are endless and so are the occasions we want to remember.”

All images © Sanna Völker

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