Rimowa x Off-White Case Editorial

Rachel Israela

The latest editorial by IGNANT Production explores voyeurism and fashion with Rimowa x Off-White; a seductive limited edition travel piece that encourages a more open way of living.

Thoughts of travel always bring to mind our connection to belongings; when we pack our suitcases we are veritably packing our emotional baggage. But in a world obsessed by concepts of privacy surveillance and anonymity—what do we keep on show, and what do we keep hidden?


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With the heightened importance of brands remaining transparent to their audience, Rimowa’s collaboration with Virgil Abloh’s haute streetwear label, Off-White, takes this metaphorical concept and makes it literal. In this editorial produced by IGNANT Production, the completely transparent limited edition travel piece becomes entwined with the human form. In neon-colored photographic stills, the suitcase is mirrored by macro shots of the body; insisting on the kind of intimacy that only such clarity of form can bring. The video shows the contours of the human body moving within a steaming shower. The voyeurism of the suitcase, whose clear polycarbonate form makes all that is hidden suddenly seen, allows the audience entry to private spaces. For a moment, it’s difficult to know where we have ended up—it seems we are in the suitcase itself.

Production: IGNANT Production
Still Photography: Rachel Israela
Hair & Make-Up: Natalia Vermeer
VFX Artist: Vinzent Britz
Camera Assistant: Nico Mews
Lighting: Nuno Matini
Sound Design: Joshua W. Bruner