Insta Favs #34: Connor McSheffrey


Although originally from Phoenix, Connor McSheffrey spent a majority of his childhood growing up overseas in Prague. Moving around the world at such a young age instilled a desire to explore and travel. Now 21 and working as a web designer in San Francisco he has quickly fallen in love with this city.

He says it reminds him of living in Prague, as it has a very progressive environment with a european influence.

For Connor, shooting photography with his iPhone is a great creative outlet, it keeps him in an artistic mindset even when he leaves his DSLR at home. Lately he has been looking for isolation in his subject when shooting photography. When designing, he is usually starting with an empty canvas, though when shooting photography his frame is cluttered with so many objects. His goal is to eliminate every distraction in his photo leaving only the subject he wants to shoot. His favorite tool of isolation since moving to San Francisco is the constant foggy weather characteristic of this city. He tells us that what he loves about the Instagram community is ‘that we’re all pretty much shooting with the same camera, it puts the focus less on the gear I’m shooting with and more on the subject.’

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