Insta Favs #33: Emanuel Smedbøl


Emanuel Smedbøl is a graphic designer living and working in Vancouver, Canada. He uses Instagram to document the little fleeting discoveries, observations, and textures of daily life.

Inspired by his surroundings, he enjoys walking, bicycling, or hiking around exploring new places, sometimes looking for interesting things to see and share but sometimes just to find a quiet pocket to sit down, eat some chocolate, and read a book. He is fascinated by nostalgia, by the unexpected intersections between nature and culture, and by the places where official narratives become skewed or break down. He seeks meaning and clarity in his photographs and sweats the details. As he tells us, he loves snacks, going on trips, swimming in cool clear mountain lakes, and the smell of early morning. Emanuel bought his first iPhone in 2013 primarily to join the Instagram community. After lugging around a DSLR for two months bicycling to Mexico and on week-long hiking trips, he is thankful to finally have a camera that not only fits comfortably in his back pocket, but that can also edit and share photos with a few flicks of the thumb.

Follow: @secretcities

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