Traditional Practices For Modern-Day Life: My INNER HEALTH Club On The Art Of Self-Care


The rhythm of nature once dictated how we live—going to bed when it got dark, rising with the sun, nourishing ourselves with seasonal produce, and naturally incorporating movement through our daily tasks.

Self-care was an intrinsic part of our existence. Now, we spend so much time sitting, staring at screens well into the night, cramming too much into our tight schedules, and eating nutrient-deficient processed foods that our mental and physical health are suffering. But how do we reconnect with our roots, and reintroduce the art of self-care without it feeling like yet another chore to add to our overwhelming to-do list?


The Berlin-based digital health and wellbeing platform My INNER HEALTH Club was founded on this premise, offering accessible expert-led courses and content covering all pillars of holistic health. It adapts traditional practices for modern lifestyles to reduce stress and enhance overall wellbeing, and believes that the simplest adjustments to your daily habits—such as drinking enough water and improving sleep quality—can make a world of difference. The platform’s broad range of offerings truly embody the future of self-care and wellbeing.

Self-care is not just a luxury for time-rich people, it’s essential for our wellbeing

Encompassing an ever-increasing range of topics—from nutrition, sleep, and meditation to digital detoxes, quiet evenings at home, and high-tech beauty treatments—self-care is about focusing on long-term benefits as opposed to instant gratification. This age-old concept is not one we should choose to opt in or out of like other passing fads. No, self-care is not just a luxury for time-rich people, it’s essential for our wellbeing. Plus, it’s been clinically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and increase energy and happiness. But don’t feel guilty if it’s not part of your routine yet. Taking an active role in improving your health can take as little as a few minutes a day.


Ancient traditions and rituals, which were once used to ensure vitality and longevity long before anyone knew the scientific benefits they imbibed, can provide holistic self-care that can also be easily integrated into hectic lifestyles. Ever heard of Qigong? Through gentle movements and breathing exercises, Qigong activates dormant energy reserves lying deep within us. It involves postures that can be practiced throughout the day, while you are standing in a queue, for example, or sitting at your desk—such as rotating your head, neck, eyes, shoulders, wrists, and ankles. Integrating a bit of self-care can be as simple and quick as that.

This centuries-old Taoist practice is the focus of My INNER HEALTH Club’s latest course release, led by Berlin-based Qigong teacher Lingji Hon. She started her training as a young child at her father’s school, the Danto Center in New York City, where she was raised. She believes that by being disconnected from the cycles of nature, and engaging in such repetitive work and lifestyle rhythms, we are drained of vital energy. Her remedy? “Just practice [Qigong] a little bit each day,” Hon advises. “It’s like the daily maintenance of brushing your teeth, or putting savings in your ‘qi’ [life energy] bank – it will add up over time! You will find that your energy levels and focus gradually increase, as well as developing an overall feeling of wellbeing and interconnectedness.”

A mini-guide on the art of self-care for modern life:

Daily movement:
Whether you have three minutes or an hour, find time to move your body, such as simple stretches, or a short walk or Qigong.

Set healthy boundaries:
Start saying no to people, when it’s just not right for you, for more time to yourself and less stress.

Eat mindfully:
Pay attention to what you eat and provide your body with the nutrients it needs for a strong immune system, and so much more.

Get enough sleep:
Prioritize your nightly rest and establish an evening routine that calms you down before bed, for better focus, improved memory and overall health.

Writing down your thoughts and emotions can help you achieve your goals, find inspiration as well as reduce anxiety and depression.

Ready to take your self-care journey a step further? Explore My INNER HEALTH Club and its wide range of content and digital courses, from improving sleep and setting healthy boundaries to boosting your immune system and activating your energy through Qigong.

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