#56 Monifaktur – Valentine’s


Let’s have some alternative greeting cards for this very special day of L-O-V-E.

For you the alphabet needs only three letters: Y, O, U.

That something, that I call the little fine mine.

When I had to think of you this morning, I used deodorant instead of hairspray.

You are getting prettier every day. You already look like next week.

Today, I only have eyes for you.

HELLO (now don’t be shocked) but: with you ‘for a life-time’ sounds pretty bearable.

The best things come in smallest numbers. We always meant each other when we said “Happiness”.

My love goes to Max, Sophie, Ferdinand, Freidrich, Clemens Polo and Vroni.

Peace, Moni

Text & pictures by Monja Gentschow

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