Maren Bönsch presented her project ‘Niem’ at this years DMY in Berlin. Niem is to be defined as a portrait of a person, encoded in a textile medium. It is not to the concrete image of the person, it is rather a visualization of its memories and desires – the result is always an individual carpet, made for one specific person.

There are various circumstances that shape our lives. Certain starting conditions make it easier to be successful in our environment. And yet there are always people who manage to break out and realize their dreams despite all resistance. Others follow the example of their ancestors so precisely that one could start wondering how and when visions of our future start developing. And still others have problems with their life, eventhough it seems as if all they have all possiblities due to their origin. All these stories are to be encrypted and interwoven by Niem. Based on the appearance and the stories of Persian rugs, an individual carpet for each person based on different variables should emerges. Niem shows the origin and the expected future of a person. The future appears in the picture, in the symbols of the carpet. The origin of the person is coded in the manufacturing process of the carpet. The individual carpet serves as a motivation for each person, as a guide and as a reflection of his dreams. In the set of all resulting carpets an idea of a society is recognizable.

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