Atelier Areti


‘A beautiful product to us is a product that also has to be useful and well made. It has to be a simple and elegant solution.’ Following this premise, the sisters Gwendolyn and Guillane Kerschbaumer who stand behind the name Atelier Areti, design and operate. ‘Areti’ is Greek and means as much as virtue and excellence.

They say they are not interested in producing short-lived products whose existence is based on short fashion cycles of our consumer society. ‘While design is of course less important than other areas of our lives, there is still no reason for bad design to exist. Every object that our society produces by default has been designed, and it might as well be ‘well designed’.’ The lamps from the Atelier Areti have a simple and elegant look that isn’t intrusive but an elaborate piece of furniture. The lamp isn’t just a light source anymore but also a design object with a unique and particular, figuratively spoken, radiance.

All images © Atelier Areti | Via: Yellowtrace

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