Toppling Dominoes Turn On Glithero’s Latest Lamp

Domino Lamp

London design studio Glithero has created a playful take on illumination, designing a lamp that turns on via a game of dominoes.

The ‘Domino Light’ replaces the flick of a switch with dozens of conductive copper dominoes who, via a chain reaction, will turn your lamp on for you. These dominoes can be arranged however you would like, so long as the first and last domino connect to the copper strips that sit on either side of the lamp base. These copper strips are the rocker – the domino that begins the movement, and the receiver – the last domino in the chain. Between the rocker and the receiver, the electrical marvel usually hidden is made visible—the circuit is completed once the dominoes have fallen and the receiver triggers the light to switch on.

Beyond being a playful interactive object, the concept behind the design intended to make visible the technical process of lighting. “With so much technology in our lives it is easy to take for granted that even simple things such as turning on a light are made possible by the physical properties of materials”, explains Tim Simpson, co-founder of the design studio.


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