Sensory Design Objects By Tijmen Smeulders

In his work, Dutch designer Tijmen Smeulders creates delicate everyday objects in the realm of art and design. Each of the pieces is designed using one high-quality material, such as polished porcelain, glass and aluminum, exploring the connection between volume, light and perception. Living and working in Eindhoven, Smeulders is a graduate from the eponymous design school. In a statement about his work, Smeulders says: “For me, an important link is the fact that [the objects] all interact with light in a different manner; they absorb, mimic or reflect light. The way light is able to influence our perception of colour and materiality – and therewith changes our perception of the product – fascinates me and is a recurring subject within my work.”

tijmensmeulders_design-Parts_TijmenSmeulders_PhotoByRonaldSmits tijmensmeulders_design-Mark_TijmenSmeulders tijmensmeulders_design-Boundary_TijmenSmeulders tijmensmeulders_design-Fragments_TijmenSmeulders tijmensmeulders_design-Mirror_TijmenSmeulders tijmensmeulders_design-Pitcher_TijmenSmeulders tijmensmeulders_design-Plateau_Detail_TijmenSmeulders tijmensmeulders_design-Plateau_TijmenSmeulders tijmensmeulders_design-Plateau_Topview_TijmenSmeulders tijmensmeulders_design-PlateauV2_Detail_TijmenSmeulders tijmensmeulders_design-PlateauV2_TijmenSmeulders tijmensmeulders_design-Rug_Detail_TijmenSmeulders tijmensmeulders_design-Rug_TijmenSmeulders tijmensmeulders_design-Shield_TijmenSmeulders


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