#57 Monifaktur – Yet, one speaks Spanish


The airport of Palma de Mallorca is like every other airport. Dipped in glistening bright neon light, there is not a single space which is not illuminated till the last pore- briefly, it’s a supernova. While we are rinsed from the airport, we feel young and younger. Surrounded by pensioners from the European meatpots, one steps out in the light of the Balearic sun.

Quickly we leave the concrete jungle of Palma behind us, race by countless roundabout traffics and dive into the mountains. On the other side of the tunnel seems to be another world. Luxuriant vegetation, olive groves, lemon trees, picturesque mountains, an old streetcar which actually seems to come from San Francisco, and then Port de Sóller. The perfect postcard of a bay with harbour and antique seafront. The bay forms an U and is guarded on both ends by a lighthouse.

The main season still lies a long way off, the prices on the boards will be doubled in two months, but now the beach is wonderful and empty. In the restaurants it is peaceful, everybody has time, is relaxed and is glad to see you. If one has enough of food and strolling, one proceeds best of all in the nature. Wooden fences mark the entrance of footpaths which lead us along fantastic fruit tree plantations, farmhouses and old grandpas, who hand out freshly pressed orange juice. Because the look also falls over and over again on the wild serpentines which cuddle up the mountain slopes, we lend ourselves a scooter. Best of all a white Vespa which is to be driven incredibly well and defeats without problems also the most precipitous slopes. Up here there is nothing to miss: volcano-like scenery, mountain villages which are too nice to be real, wild donkeys, mountain lakes and marvellous castles. We had the feeling to have driven through five different countries when we watchend the soccer match in the setting sun and Dortmund winning against Madrid 4:1.

This is a travel report on a payable vacation in the nicest part of Mallorca, at the best time of the year and pictured with pictures.

The fastest dog of Port de Sóller is named “Elmo”. You’ll see him rollin’ on it’s own, going for a walk on the beach before he’s heading back to his owner’s shop “Bullimoto”, a nice vespa-rental on the coast.

A sexy individual showing of his curves. Soon he’ll be surrounded by kindred spirits.

Nice grandpa handing out refreshing orangejuice out of his garage to passing hikers.

Inexpensive and very nice accommodation with half-board:
Hotel Sóller Garden
Best Vespa-rental:
Delicious tapas in Deia, an artist village close to Port de Sóller:
Ca’s Patro March

Secret pictures from my trip to the Ballermann you will find on my Facebookpage HERE.
Best, Monja

Text by Maximilian Andereya and pictures by Monja Gentschow

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