iGNANT Relaunch


Maybe one or two already recognized it, the page looks a little different today. As we worked on a new iGNANT page for the last couple of months, we are really happy to relaunch the blog today with a new design. We were not quite satisfied with some of the features of the old page anymore and wished for some improvements that we’ll describe in a bit.

After we completely kicked the old layout we ended up with this version that still reminds of the good old iGNANT page and that took along some of the things we really liked about the old page.

So what’s new? In the last months more and more readers used their smartphones to visit the page. Thus we wanted to create a mobile version so you’ll be able to read the articles properly also on small devices. The browser version shows our latest in-house produced featuers in the banner so that they won’t disappear from the screen as fast. You can find the overall navigation in the fixed grey bar on top. While srcolling down an arrow appears in the right corner that’ll direct you back to the top of the page. In the article there are also some innovations. The pictures can be up to 1080 px wide and you can choose to view the photos as a slideshow. If you click on ‘previous’ or ‘next’ at the bottom of the article you’ll be directed to the follwing resp. previous blogpost. We were torn between keeping the comment box or not but we decided to remove it as it hasn’t been used as much and we just had way too much spam (almost 500,000 spam comments over the last 3 years). Though we are still happy to receive your feedback via facebook, twitter or mail. Due to another feature you don’t have to go back to the starting page after finishing an article. You can just scroll further down and the starting page is displayed again.

All in all we tried to cut the layout further down and removed the separation lines and other ‘unnecessary’ details. Though we did not only put the focus on the design, we als wanted to improve the usability. I hope we succeeded and you like the new iGNANT blog. It is very likely that the page is not running smoothly at all devices yet, thus you are very welcome to give feedback via facebook or mail so we can eliminate upcoming problems right away.

At last we’d like to thank Supernovæ for accomplishing all of our design ideas!

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