#55 MONIFAKTUR – a pencil talking


Reactions to the world to life with a drop action pencil with quotes from Rainald Goetz, Sophie Senoner, Albrecht Dürer, Leo Hieronymi, DJ Bobo and me.

These two men obviously like each other a lot. Both are men with visions.

Don’t worry the hall is big enough. It is a huge area.
By the way, this is the hall from outside.

It is a huge area.
(Big lips are in)
*Actually, I am a dolphin.

Crossword: curved organ of smell

We have the courage to really change our audience. We have a budget of seventythousand dollar.

Nothing is more successful than success.

Munich rainy nineteen degrees, Moskau smiling twentyeight degrees.

Name a quadruped in the metropolis: fox

Favourite dish: Saumagen (pig’s stomach)

For women it is as difficult as it is for men.

All that
and twentyfive lines without sharpening my pencil.

Thanks to rOtring for the mechanical pencils of the series 600 and 800 which can be purchased here in the e-shop. Don’t forget to check the ‘Create Reality‘ campaign and watch out for the ‘SketchOn’ app!

Text & pictures by Monja Gentschow

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