mischer’traxler | David Sykes


For this ‘Two of a Kind’ feature, we provided Vienna-based artists mischer’traxler and successful advertising photographer David Sykes with three identical objects that they transformed into unique artworks. The items that we sent this time were: rubber gloves, wooden spoons and a roll of paper streamer. See what they created out of it.




mischer’traxler is an artist duo comprised by Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler. They develop and design products, furniture, installations and more, with a focus on experiments, context and conceptual thinking. For ‘Two of a Kind’ Katharina and Thomas developed three extravagant self explaining and entertaining items, one for each object. The resulting images show some funny acting machines which seem to have no further utility than to let the items move. They named the project ON/OFF and added that the title is self explaining – we fully agree. Pictures were taken by Julian Heckel.




David Sykes is a successful advertising photographer who works regularly for notable clients including Visa, Persil, Lurpak, Heinz, Hellmann’s, BT, American Express, Starbucks, Honda and Monocle Magazine. For ‘Two of a Kind’ he developed an aesthetic and almost natural seeming dinner scene without any hint of real food, but in which every given object plays a significant role. The staged situation reminds us of a happy but a bit overplayed chaotic birthday party. David Sykes did the project in collaboration with Jessica Dance, a stylist he works with regularly.

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