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Because we often come across artworks that stem from the same idea but have very different outcomes, we set up our Two of a Kind series to see how two artists working with the same starting materials can transform them in their own unique way into exciting works. This time, we asked two artists we have already featured in our Work in Progress category to participate: design duo Krupka-Stieghan and product designer Joa Herrenknecht. We provided both of them with the latest Nike Air Max 95 Ultra Jacquard, styrofoam balls and aluminum molds. This is what they came up with…



The duo behind Krupka-Stieghan studio creates a line of products of recycled materials. Their work focuses on varied uses of materials as well as the processes behind it. On their inspiration for this creation, the designers say: “For this ‘Two of a kind’ piece, we looked for possible similarities between the Nike sneaker, styrofoam balls as well as the aluminum molds. The unifying elements are dynamism and reflection. Therefore, we created an installation in which we transform movement through light and shadow.”

You can see more of Krupka-Stieghan’s work on their website.

In unserer Arbeit spielen Materialien und Prozesse eine entscheidende Rolle. Für die Two of a kind Serie haben wir nach Gemeinsamkeiten der Nike Sneaker, Styroporkugeln und Aluminiummuffinförmchen gesucht. Verbindende Elemente sind Dynamik und Reflexion.

Ergebnis der Transformation der sehr unterschiedlichen Materialien ist eine Installation, bei der Reflektoren aus Aluminiummuffinförmchen, die von einem Styroporkugelarm gehalten werden, die rotierendenden Nike Sneaker anstrahlen. Dabei stehen nicht die Objekte im Vordergrund, sondern die Transformation in Bewegung, Licht und Schatten.



Joa Herrenknecht is a Berlin-based designer specializing in graphic, interior and product design. Her newborn baby inspired her for this creation called ‘Come back’.

Be sure to also have a look at her website as well as her Facebook page.

–In collaboration with Nike

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