The Squish Studio by Saunders Architcture is located just outside the small town of Tilting on the eastern end of Fogo Island, Canada. Its white angular form, sited on a rocky strip of coastline offers sharp contrast to the traditional vernacular architecture of the nearby picturesque community of Tilting.

As its architect, Todd Saunders, comments: ‘…it is out of sight, but close’.

The approach to the front entry of the studio is dramatic, as the most southern end of the studio rises twenty feet above the ground. The compact, trapezium-shaped plan of the studio is augmented by the extension of the east and west exterior walls to create a sheltered, triangulated south entry deck and a north terrace that overlooks the ocean. From a distant view, the streamlined form becomes apparent with its high back and low (squished) front designed, in part, to deflect the winds from the stormy North Atlantic. It is equipped with a compost toilet, a small kitchenette and wood-burning stove. Power is supplied by stand-alone solar panels, mounted on an adjacent hilltop. Now it’s used as an artistic residence and when it is stormy you can feel the immediacy of the sea and, on some days, observe the dramatic shift of the island’s weather.

All images © Saunders Architcture

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