The Wall House By Guedes Cruz Arquitectos


Located in a region known as the Portuguese Riviera in the west of Lisbon, this luxury residence named Wall House is set on the edge of the premier Oitavos Dunes Golf Course amongst natural sand dunes and pine trees within the Sintra Cascais National Park.

Inspired by the beauty of its setting, Guedes Cruz Arquitectos created a bold design with sleek lines and elegantly simple interiors. This minimalist concept focuses on the natural elements of the surrounding landscape. On one of its side, the villa features an expansive glass wall that can be opened to create a direct connection to the outdoor living spaces. Wood slat coverings at the concrete exterior walls can be closed to provide privacy. Within an open boxed layout design, the most striking feature are two exterior pools located in the patio bisecting each other. The ground level pool is overlapped with one floating above, distinguished by a glass bottom, making you feel like swimming in the air. Constructed from concrete, glass and wood, the structure has a open slatted roof to encompass a volumetric synergy between interior and exterior spaces. This villa is an outstanding representation of modern luxury architecture that varies between air, water and nature itself.

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