Bored in the bathroom? Built your own wall installation out of toilet paper, following the example of ‘Translayers’ by German-based artist Sakir Gökcebag.

The various approaches of the Turkish artist revolve throughout around a liberation of the magical potential of the commonplace through specific transformations and subtle disruptions of the given order. Gökcebag finds inspiration for his works in his immediate environment: In architecture as well as in nature, in the concrete everyday object as well as in the abstract rules of geometry. In his manifold reflections, multiplications, and permutations he opens up humorous perspectives on the phenomena of ordinary life.

All images © Sakir Gökcebag

Sakir Gökcebag01Sakir Gökcebag02Sakir Gökcebag03Sakir Gökcebag04Sakir Gökcebag05Sakir Gökcebag06Sakir Gökcebag07
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