Exhale By WDSTCK

Designed by Catie Newell and represented by WDSTCK, ‘Exhale’ skillfully encases a single blow of glass within a rigid metal structure. The metal form restricts the glass by pinching, hooking and spiking into the volume during the blowing process, capturing a tense play between the constricting and billowing materials. The entire fixture catches one breath.

2017-02-16_58a577db92658_CopieExhale2.jpeg 2017-02-16_58a577db925b9_CopieExhale1.jpeg 2017-02-16_58a577db926cb_CopieExhale3.jpeg 2017-02-16_58a577db92732_CopieExhale4.jpeg 2017-02-16_58a577db92794_CopieExhale5.jpeg