Demon Chasers By Aron Klein

Demon chasers” by Aron Klein is a portrait series on Bulgarias ancient pagen tradition “Kukeri”. The pictures document the countries annual ritual, performed in the countries remote mountain regions. The practice of ‘Kukeri’ scares away the evil spirits and bring prosperity for the following harvest.

2017-02-28_58b59a7eb6825_8K2A0034.jpg 2017-02-28_58b59a7eb6893_8K2A9730.jpg 2017-02-28_58b59a7eb68fc_8K2A9963.jpg 2017-02-28_58b59a7eb6960_11-40.jpg 2017-02-28_58b59a7eb69c5_22-49.jpg 2017-02-28_58b59a7eb6a29_22-86.jpg