Design Studio Voukenas Petrides

Voukenas Petrides is a design studio based in New York and Athens. Furniture designer Andreas Voukenas and architect Steven Petrides combine their talents to produce poetic furniture designs for the home and office. Their diverse portfolio includes stools, side tables, chairs, and installations. Each furniture piece is hand fabricated and finished by Andreas in their Athens workshop. Their timeless designs reflect Steven’s interest in structure, materiality, light, and space, making each design a work of architecture.

2018-01-04_5a4e564b3e9a2_hr_air_chair_01_side 2018-01-04_5a4e564b3e9fd_hr_apeirohedron_01 2018-01-04_5a4e564b3ea60_hr_apeirohedron_12 2018-01-04_5a4e564b3eabf_hr_barycenter_03 2018-01-04_5a4e564b3eb2a_hr_barycenter_05 2018-01-04_5a4e564b3eb82_hr_tube_chair_05_side_back