Illusive Luminaire By Ying Chang

‘Illusive Luminaire’ designed by Ying Chang, is a series of iconic shapes that lights up and can be stacked in endless possibilities through fitted magnetic connections. A light group at the crossroads of the virtual and physical worlds. The project plays with the digital craft generation phenomenon, by making use of digital tools as they allow designers to think without the constraints of mass manufacturing and to produce only when needed. With the aid of additive manufacturing, those seemingly ornamental details were given functions, which is to create intricate shadows and manipulate the illumination.

Photography: Peter Guenzel

2017-10-03_59d39d678d0ae_Lights0068 2017-10-03_59d39d678d123_Lights0083 2017-10-03_59d39d678d1ac_Lights0093 2017-10-03_59d39d678d212_Lights0096 2017-10-03_59d39d678d274_Lights0035 2017-10-03_59d39d678d2d5_Lights0039