Five Beautiful Devices That Will Upgrade Your Home Entertainment System


Lovers of design shouldn’t have to compromise on aesthetics to achieve the perfect audio-visual balance.

To assist with decision making, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite pieces to help you take your home entertainment system to a new level; from amplifiers to wall-mounted CD players, the products that follow show that form and function can—and should—coexist comfortably in the home.

01 Bergmann - Magne Turntable System

Danish studio Bergmann has created a minimalist turntable system whose appeal lies beyond its sleek designer looks. With a name inspired by the Nordic God Magne—meaning strength—the turntable utilizes unique technology to play your favorite records. The turntable is fully airbearing; with a linear tracking airbearing tonearm and a platter that quite literally floats on air.


Image © Bergmann

02 Bang & Olufsen - BeoSound Edge

Designed by acclaimed lighting designer Michael Anastassiades for Bang & Olufsen, this circular speaker combines both function and form. Designed for intuitive use, its touch-sensitive control interface is accessible through its aluminum exterior, whose form was inspired by a coin sat on its edge.


Image © Bang & Olufsen

04 Samsung - Serif TV

Pioneering electronics manufacturer Samsung teamed up with the renowned industrial and product design duo, Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec, to create the Serif TV: A refined, aesthetically inspiring television designed to fit seamlessly into the home, whether on the floor, a shelf, or its elegant and easily removable legs.


Image © Samsung

04 Koichi Futatsumata - Hybrid Tube Amplifier

For electronics manufacturer Elekit, Koichi Futatsumata—the founder of architecture studio Case-Real—designed a vacuum amplifier housed in powder-coated aluminum. “In order to represent the simple beauty of the tube as it is, I allowed the existence of only two beautiful tubes on the top and two big operation dials on the front”, explains Futatsumata. These two elements are the only visible pieces of hardware on the otherwise sleek body of the amplifier, which is a part of the permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.


Image © Hiroshi Mizusaki

05 Muji - Wall Mounted CD Player

This redesign of Muji’s iconic CD player includes FM radio, remote control, and backlit LCD display. Designed to be hung on your wall, it’s a space-saving item as well as a design object. Speakers are built into the body of the CD player, and to get the music started you only have to pull the cable.


Image © Muji

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