A Foldable Clock By Veronika Szalai

Designed by Veronika Szalai, the ‘NEW TIME’ wall clock is a clever creation made of of cotton fiber and metal. From the looks of it, the design can be folded and crumpled while still maintaining its function. Packaged like a bed sheet, the piece is a simple and quirky take on the typical clock.

Veronika Szalai_Design_1 Veronika Szalai_Design_2 Veronika Szalai_Design_3 Veronika Szalai_Design_4 Veronika Szalai_Design_5 Veronika Szalai_Design_6 NEW-TIME-wall-clock-Veronika-Szalai-7 Veronika Szalai_Design_8 Veronika Szalai_Design_10 Veronika Szalai_Design_9

All images © Veronika Szalai