Dresses That React To The Emotions Of Viewers

The latest project of fashion designer and university professor Ying Gao is named the ‘Can’t’ and ‘Won’t’, two impressive dresses, imbued with robotic movement and facial recognition software that move subtly as if they’re breathing.

Combined of art and technology, the dresses are composed of high-tech super organza, cotton mesh, PVDF, and electronic devices. Ying Gao created these dresses to explore the aesthetic of false neutrality, using what she describes as a “living system.” The dresses begin to move when an onlooker enters the room, but only continue moving if the same onlooker remains still.
The designer questions our perceptions about clothing by combining urban design, architecture and media design. She investigates the construction of the garment, inspired by the transition of the social and urban environment.

All images © Dominique Lafond