A Slice Of Luxury

A house has many faces: it can be a rural barn-like residency, concrete bunker or just a cosy cabin hidden somewhere in the forest. But ‘Aluminium House’, designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, can be only described as a minimal luxury dream.

In this project, everything is about comfort and intimacy.In this project, everything is about comfort and intimacy. Located in the busy city of Madrid, Spain, the house is surrounded by gardens with big trees, which assures the privacy and peace of its residents. The living and day areas, made from the same natural stone that paves a part of the plot, are centered around the staircase and inner atrium, creating a hierarchy in which all rooms are open to the garden. The interior is kept imposingly clean, with refined finishings of white marble and granite, and minimal furniture. The most impressive feature, a huge terrace, extends towards the swimming pool and creates a comfortable space to rest, while being hidden from the sight of the neighbors.

All images © Fran Silvestre Arquitectos / Diego Opazo