Mike Dempsey Creates Gravity-Defying Photos


Los Angeles-based photographer Mike Dempsey creates gravity-defying photos of people suspended in mid-air, standing sideways on walls and floating on rooftops. Although a lot of the images look like they were manipulated using Photoshop, Dempsey insists in an interview that most of his photos are captured using an intervalomenter, a camera attachment device that controls how many shots are taken during a set period. However, minor digital changes are often required afterwards to create the effect, such as removing ladders and mats.

All images © Mike Dempsey

Mike Dempsey_Photography_1Mike Dempsey_Photography_3Mike Dempsey_Photography_2Mike Dempsey_Photography_25Mike Dempsey_Photography_4Mike Dempsey_Photography_5Mike Dempsey_Photography_6Mike Dempsey_Photography_7Mike Dempsey_Photography_9Mike Dempsey_Photography_8
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