Nico Krijno

South Africa-based photographer and filmmaker Nico Krijno explores the connection and correspondence between the human body and its surroundings in an otherworldly way and always with a hidden sexual allusion, but these in equal measures with a particular focus on the humour that, as a matter, of fact stems from them. Through his passion for dirty and wild realism, he often shoots images of disparate mundane objects and everyday scenes, such as sausages and carrots on blindingly bright tropical shirts or a schoolgirl holding a snake. Nevertheless, the main subject of his photography art is his muse and girlfriend Mignonne. From a raw viewpoint, Krinjo aims to shoot all types of intimate surreality. With no digital cameras and an initial introduction to photography at his early childhood, his approach is intuitive, meticulous, honest, modern and purely hedonistic.
Krinjo has already worked with the likes of Nike and Levi’s and has seen his work featured in L’Officiel, Apartamento, Vice, Neon and Dazed & Confused. His first solo show, ‘On How To Fill Those Gaps’ took place in late 2011 – and the accompanying self published book – was widely lauded and selected works of him has since been exhibited in various group shows in Los Angeles and Glasgow.

All images © Nico Krijno