Cream Project By Rosa Rubio


Based in Barcelona, artist Rosa Rubio founded Los Objetos Decorativos with the focus on creating editions of handcrafted objects, designed to forge an emotional relationship with their owners. Los Objetos Decorativos is a project that moves between the design of objects, the visual and installation. The artist deals with plasticity through the materials and senses, where the organic component becomes the essence of the communication.
The ‘Cream Project’ was created during Rubio’s residency at David Díez Studio in Madrid between November and December of 2016. The project is a photographic exploration of organic materials, placed into a scenic setting, that forms an almost sculptural shape or a formal abstraction, charged with symbolism. The transmission of plasticity is generated through the different fabrics, provided with natural light as the protagonist, that creates volumes and random shapes. With her surreal objects, Rubio is searching for unexpected connotations, shapes and mixtures. The materials are all self-manufactured and unique in their own way.

All images © Rosa Rubio

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