Monika Mogi Explores The Transition From Girlhood To Adulthood


Tokyo-based photographer Monika Mogi captures raw and honest images that explore the period of transition from girlhood to adulthood. The 22-year-old artist – who has shot for Vice, Nylon Japan and American Apparel among others – is a self-taught photographer and has been taking pictures since she was 15. Mogi lived in California before moving back to Japan when she was 12 years old. In an interview, she says, “Growing up with a single mom who was always working gave me the freedom to be on my own in Tokyo… I think that comes out in my work.”

All images © Monika Mogi

Monika Mogi_Photography_1Monika Mogi_Photography_15Monika Mogi_Photography_8Monika Mogi_Photography_2Monika Mogi_Photography_11Monika Mogi_Photography_12 editedMonika Mogi_Photography_10Monika Mogi_Photography_7Monika Mogi_Photography_3Monika Mogi_Photography_9Monika Mogi_Photography_6
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