Olivia Locher


Olivia Locher’s world of thought is full of fantasies, ideas and abstract point of views. What makes her photographs so special is the ingeniously conceptualized precision that helps to execute her manifold visions in a both subtle and intensive way.

Her images experiment with colours, materials, settings and gestures and draw the spectator in with an elaborated staging and a dramaturgic strength. They are of such a strong haptic presence that you can almost feel how the cold pepples weigh down your feet, how the dusty colours dryly set down on your skin and what it would be like to take a bite of the soft marshmallows that are stacked in a trousers-like net. Being only 21 years old, the young New York-based artist has already developed a distinct sensitivity for how to express her dreamlike consciousness concretely and representational. She is a talent of high directorial quality- one whose future we will follow with great interest.

‘Olivia’s art is grounded in dreamlands and consciousness, while Olivia herself is generally dreaming. She breathes carefully and dances very rarely.’

All images © Olivia Locher

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