Alina Vergnano | Timothy Schaumburg


Because we often come across artworks that stem from the same idea but have very different outcomes, we set up our Two of a Kind series to see how two artists working with the same starting materials can transform them in their own unique way into exciting works. This time, we asked Italian multidisciplinary artist Alina Vergnano and photographer Timothy Schaumburg to participate. We provided both of them with some streamers, markers and a paper tray and this is what they came up with…



Alina Vergnano lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden, where she draws, paints murals, makes ceramics, prints art-books and sometimes works with animation. On her creations, she says: ‘I have created a series of gifs using the objects that I found in the box and made them interact with a series of big ink drawings. The objects painted and transformed – in this case, pencils – were used in a random way until they started to twist and tangle and become alive like words, thoughts or emotions.’

You can see more of Vergnano’s work on her website or tumblr.



Timothy Schaumburg is a Berlin-based photographer, who shoots for various magazines. After coming across his work, we were curious about what he would create from the objects we gave him. With an eye for color, he transformed them into abstract, dream-like photographs. Have a look at his portfolio on his website .

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