Idan Berdichev Captures The Otherwordly Landscapes Of The Dead Sea

Israeli photographer Idan Berdichev shot a series of ethereal images for his final project at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Originally from Jerusalem, Berdichev centers in on the arid landscapes of the Dead Sea as well as the delicate interactions between a man and woman. Additionally, the photographs evoke a feeling of tranquility and otherworldliness. In a statement about his project, Berdichev says the idea is to create a ‘new imagined world’ and allow the viewer to escape into a pleasant space.

Idan Berdichev_Photography_06 Idan Berdichev_Photography_07 Idan Berdichev_Photography_05 Idan Berdichev_Photography_01 Idan Berdichev_Photography_04 Idan Berdichev_Photography_02 Idan Berdichev_Photography_03

All images © Idan Berdichev