Frederik Vercruysse Captures The Unique Landscape At Marble Quarries


Photographer Frederik Vercruysse created the series ‘Tempo Polveroso’ while participating an ‘artist in residency’ project in Villa Lena, Tuscany. Initially he planed to photograph a new series of still lifes during his stay though he soon felt compelled to capture his inspirational surroundings in images rather than remain within the four walls of his studio.

His photographs of marble quarries evoke a sense of beauty, while concurrently imbued with a melancholy sprit; the creation of beauty at the expense of nature. Without the inclusion of any human figures, it is impossible to fathom the larger-than-life scale of this totally unique form of landscape architecture. This has produced some abstract and picturesque images. The artist’s work – five editions per work of art – and an exhibition booklet was just exhibited at Graanmarkt 13.

All images © Frederik Vercruysse | Via: VONYELLOW

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