Flickr Friday


It is Friday again and it feels like this week went by in a heartbeat so that we can wrap it all up to one post:
We waved at bears, we went to the zoo with the kids, we found some garbage, we watched strangers walking and having a swim, we climbed an octopus, we took a nap and hugged a husky. Of course just virtual on Flickr and not in real life. So far.

But the weekend is long so let´s wait and see…

Image © Diego Humboldt

Image © テツ

Image © Lee Weii

Image © Claudia

Image © Maria Laden

Image © Yuyawen

Image © Raúl Pérez

Image © Puresky

01_Diego Humboldt03_Von テ ツ04a_Lee Wei-I08_dearclaudia06_Maria Laden02_yuyawen07_peroespera05_Puresky543
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