Marzena Skubatz

Marzena Skubatz is a photographer working between Germany and Iceland. Her pictures are wonderfully natural and we can’t get enough of her atmospheric photography. We especially enjoy her striking landscape motifs and sensitive portraits. Right after she finished her studies in photography, Marzena started to hike the mountains of Iceland and fell in love with the country and its inhabitants. She is currently working on different projects such as ‘the sea in me’ where it gets very clear that one of her main inspirations is water and its movement. For iGNANT, Marzena documented one day in her life with her camera. Follow her through the fascinating Icelandic landscape and meet the talented photographer Marzena Skubatz in a very intimate portrait. Enjoy.

[8: 00 am] Good morning. When I am working in Iceland I usually spend some time on a farm in the eastfjords. I call this place home and try to be there as often as I can. I usually wake up around 8 o’clock. This morning we have a wonderful sunrise, so I decide to go out and take some pictures.

[8:15 am] Laura is already there.

[9:05 am] We go to the barn to take care of the animals.

[10:30 am] The weather is good so we decide to go on boat…

[10:35 am] …with one of my favorite persons in the world, Billa.

[11:00 am] We feed the fish.

[11:20 am] …and say hello to the new visitor in our fjord.

[12:00 am] I still have to do an interview for my current project ‘Zweite Heimat’, so I decide to switch boats and visit the next fjord.

[01: 00 pm] Johann and the others get the mail and buy some food and supplies for the village, while I am working through my interview.

[01:45 pm] On our way back I take some pictures for my ongoing project ‘the sea in me’

[01:50 pm] Although I am a little bit seasick I love to go on boat and watch the sea…

[01:50 pm] and the sky…

[01:55 pm] …water is an important element in my photographic work…

[02:00 pm] It’s not possible to go to the village by car in the wintertime, so all mail and shopping has to be done by boat.

[02:15 pm] I decide to skip the lunch and knock on some doors to take portraits for my next project „the weather report“ which is about the village and it’s inhibitants. Johanna shows me her artisic talents and I call her ‘little monkey’.

[05:30 pm] In the late afternoon Billa and me leave the village to go back to her farm which is about 20 km away.

[06:15 pm] On our way back we see an arctic fox. He’s very small and shy.

[06:30 pm] The sunset is even better than the sunrise.

[07:05 pm] The sky is burning so I take some pictures for you guys

[07:30 pm] before we bring the sheep back to the barn

[07:45 pm] and take care of the other animals.

[08:55 pm] The work is done and we go back to the house

[09:00 pm] I use my spare time to do some editing, answer some mails and talk to Billa, while she is baking the most delicious cake in the world. We love to joke around and laugh a lot here.

[11:45 pm] I usually go to sleep around midnight. It is also a good time to look out for some northern lights, which appear quite often in the wintertime. I hope you liked my 24hours as much as I did. Góða nótt!

All images © Marzena Skubatz