A Weekend Escape In New Zealand


We recently stumbled across Nicole Brannen’s Tumblr and quickly became enamoured with her dreamy analogue captures.

Brannen captures the in-between moments of daily life and the evocative landscapes of New Zealand.Characterised by a youthful nonchalance, a sense of adventure and crisp light, Brannen’s photos capture the in-between moments of daily life, her friends and the evocative landscapes of New Zealand. During her most recent escape – a winter weekend road trip down the East Coast to her secluded family holiday home – she took us with her via an exclusive series of pictures that make us feel like we too were there. Join us for the ride in the following feature, and follow her on Instagram to be taken on future adventures.


“Waking up in time for the sunrise is somewhat unordinary for me, however, today was different. The air is cool enough to evoke an odd shiver, but the sun never fails to break through and warm us up throughout the day.


Our journey begins in Tauranga, a city on the East Coast of New Zealand. With a full car and beers in hand, the boys are set to find spots to skate around the area as we head towards Tairua.

nicole-brannen_24hours_021 nicole-brannen_24hours_017 nicole-brannen_24hours_018 nicole-brannen_24hours_003

We pass through a handful of tiny townships, stopping to look around and hoping that we find some gems among the second hand shops.

nicole-brannen_24hours_013 nicole-brannen_24hours_012

Tairua is a beautiful beach town located on the Coromandel Peninsula of New Zealand. My parents have been going here since they were children and luckily enough, they passed that on to us kids by building a house here. The drive to get to Tairua in itself is marvellous. Huge valleys and calm rivers are to be seen around us.

nicole-brannen_24hours_011 nicole-brannen_24hours_014  nicole-brannen_24hours_009

The waterhole is one of my dearest places. We get out of the car to admire the scenery. Due to it being the middle of winter, what is normally full of people swimming and sunbathing is now still and quiet. We have the place to ourselves!

nicole-brannen_24hours_007 nicole-brannen_24hours_004

The day is slowly getting darker as we move to another water-filled spot. The stream leads us towards a waterfall submerged in lush greenery. We dip our toes in the water, climb up the waterfall and enjoy the feeling of the last few golden rays of sun peeping through the trees and warming our faces.

nicole-brannen_24hours_008 nicole-brannen_24hours_015 nicole-brannen_24hours_006 nicole-brannen_24hours_005 nicole-brannen_24hours_016 nicole-brannen_24hours_002

The sun begins to set.

nicole-brannen_24hours_019 nicole-brannen_24hours_020

We get to the beach in time to farewell the sun and welcome the full moon as it appears on the horizon. What a day!”


All images © Nicole Brannen, taken exclusively for iGNANT.

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