Be by Dilayla Romeo


Barcelona-based photographer Dilayla Romeo created the series ‘Be’ that aims to transform her complex subconscious into real images. Her aim as an artist is to create a very personal space with certain dream state kind of atmosphere around each of her subjects.

She describes her work by stating, “Ever since I was a child I have had a special sense for visual aesthetics. I have always been enchanted by the little details in my surroundings, a kind of hypnotizing sensation for me as an observer. Photography to me is a way to express my inner most feelings, these kinds of feelings we sometimes can not express thru words and therefore need a tool to fulfill the most significant meaning from within ourselves. My personal relation to photography has become a dear obsession that reflects my true passion that slides around in my subconsciousness in the form of images.”

All images © Dilayla Romeo | Via: Artist A Day

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