Mystic Worlds by Marcus Møller Bitsch


Marcus Møller Bitsch is a 20 year old freelance photographer from Denmark who has quite a passion for photography as evident from the pictures shown below. His fine art series is a beautiful and inspiring collection of unknown faces, surreal atmospheres, scintillating body languages and most importantly excellent mood throughout.

Due to his childhood close to nature with an insatiable curiosity for life and a thriving imagination, he was always seen with pencils and markers close to him, ‘as the creative medium was the easiest way for expressing myself.’ He began photographing 3 years ago after a knee injury, which meant he had oceans of time to pursue his newly profound passion. On the whole this incompleteness helps to create a mystery, a curiosity to know more, look further into the lives of these characters.

All images © Marcus Møller Bitsch

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