Cathy Van Hoang’s Air Plant Jellyfish


LA-based designer and art director Cathy Van Hoang creates fun little items by turning sea urchin shells into pots and make air plants look like whimsical jellyfish. Afterwards she paints the shells in soft, pastel colors. When hung upside down, the shell forms the body of a jellyfish, and the air plant’s arms look like squiggly tentacles extending outward. The jellyfish planters are available at our store.

All images © Cathy Van Hoang | Via: My Modern Met

Cathy Van Hoang_01Cathy Van Hoang_02Cathy Van Hoang_03Cathy Van Hoang_04Cathy Van Hoang_05Cathy Van Hoang_06Cathy Van Hoang_07Cathy Van Hoang_08
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