Ilhwa Kim Forms Colorful Images From Paper Rolls


Seoul-based artist Ilhwa Kim hand-dyes, cuts, and rolls thousands of sheets of Korean mulberry paper to form colorful, three-dimensional works of art that form vibrant patterns and shapes. The artist developed this nearly sculptural way of creating artworks using layers of paper, which she calls “seeds,” to make the surface and sense of her images change from morning to night.

Depending on the angle, distance and light situation, each of her pieces transforms in a constantly shifting wave of texture, dimensions, depth, and color while the viewer can spot subtle impressions of eyes, hearts, human figures, and more in the densely packed images.

All images © Ilhwa Kim | Via: My Modern Met

Ilhwa Kim_Art_01Ilhwa Kim_Art_02Ilhwa Kim_Art_03Ilhwa Kim_Art_04Ilhwa Kim_Art_05Ilhwa Kim_Art_06Ilhwa Kim_Art_07Ilhwa Kim_Art_08Ilhwa Kim_Art_09Ilhwa Kim_Art_10
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